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Dj School offering a full Dj Course as set out by the DJ Mix Club. In future we hope to introduce music production as well
and combine the two to give you a competitive edge within the dance music scene.

Benefits for Aliwal Sound DJ School Students

Equipment Discounts

•    Student discount applies on all equipment we sell
•    Receive first option on new stock

Software Discounts

•    Student discount applies on all equipment we sell
•    Receive first option on new stock

What we provide during your Lessons
•    Music to mix with (any genre you like)
•    Headphones
•    1 on 1 Specialized Training Attention from your Instructor

Students will receive a certificate per course upon successful completion. Each student has option to add your profile on the website.

About This Programme

This programme is about starting from the very basics of DJing and going through all the steps to ensure you come out with the knowledge of a professional DJ, ready to play in clubs.

You will learn to play all the tricks only the truly advanced DJs know.  We help you find your unique sound and style and develop it into your brand to market yourself and a DJ.

If you are serious about becoming a professional DJ then this course is for you


What you will Learn

Some of the mixing techniques discussed in the course focus on the advanced DJ techniques such as EQ control, scratching,
effects and sampling. The average student leaves our course with knowledge on how to beat match and
bar. This is merely the first level of DJing; we try to focus on pushing the student beyond beat matching
and into mixing and the vast differences between the two. The emphasis is on the student mastering
their style of mixing rather than being “competent”.

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