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Are you a DJ looking for the latest gear to add to your arsenal of mixing tools? No Problem we can sort you out! Are you a new DJ who wants to start playing professionally? We have got all the gear that any pro or novice disk jockey will ever need. Whether your style of mixing uses cds, mp3s, turntables and vinyl, USB and Software we are well equipped to meet all your specific needs. When you have the right equipment you can focus on what you enjoy, crafting new mixes that keep your audience dancing for more which is why you should get the right gear the first time at Aliwal Sound.

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CDJ is a term used to describe a CD player that allows analogue control of music from CDs, usually using an emulated vinyl control surface. The term "CDJ" is derived from the first controller, the CDJ-500 from Pioneer Electronics, though the term is now used generically to describe any CD player designed for DJs' use.

This system is suitable for DJ's who prefer using CDs(compact disks) because of the added benefit that CDs have over vinyls. The benefit is that more data/songs are stored on a cd than a vinyl which typically has very few tracks and therefore necessitates carrying around of bags and bags of heavy vinyls when going to perform at a gig.

Controllers(software controllers):
This system is suitable for DJ's who prefer using computer software to mix because of the added benefit that hard-drive disks(HDD) have over cds & vinyls. The benefit is that more data/songs are stored on a hard-drive than both cd and vinyl which necessitates carrying around cd or vinyl bags whereas laptops or computers are light and portable and can have thousands and thousands of songs in mp3, wma, AIFF or wav formats. Another benefit for DJs is the access to many sound and processing effects that dj's enjoy using to enhance their mixing sets.

The DJ digital controllers aim to emulate the traditional mixer/turntable/CD turntable set up. Most controllers come with shuttle jog dials that mimic turntable control of an audio file, though with slightly less accuracy.

The use of DJ digital controllers with DJ software allow for a more mobile and compact system. Usually, the use of a DJ digital controller lets the DJ not have to transport more expensive, fragile, heavier, analog equipment. With the use of the controllers there is no need to use CDs or records. This is particularly beneficial to Mobile disc jockeys who are increasingly using computer based DJ set ups for this particular reason.

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