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Looking to connect your speakers and need some extra cables? Or are you heading out on tour or to a gig and need a good road case so that your gear doesn't get crushed to a pulp? Are you thinking of upgrading your studio or music room and need new stands for your monitors, microphones, keyboard, guitar and speakers? OurĀ  wide accessory range at Aliwal Sound will ensure that you are able to pull off any task from connecting, building, upgrading and running an efficient sound system!

These are some of the accessories that Aliwal Sound has in stock:

- Cables & Connectors - Bags & Flights Cases - Stands - Music Accessories - Studio Accessories

Cables & Connectors:

- Audio Cables

- Digital Coaxial Audio

- RCA & 3.5mm

- Network Cables

- Microphone Bulk Cables

- Phone Cables

- Speaker Wires

- USB Cables



- RCA Composite

- S-Video


and more.

Bags & Flights Cases:

- Road Trunks

- Rolling Flight Cases

- Shock Mounted Rack Casing

- Standard Rack Cases


- Monitor Stands

- Keyboard Stands

- Microphone Stands

- Ochestral Stands

- Guitar Stands

- Speaker Stands

- On Stage Stands

Music Accessories:

- Music Tuners

- Footswitches

- Keyboard Sustain Pedals

- Metronomes

Studio Accessories:

- Microphone Shockmounts


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